(Flash) Baby Doll

(Flash) Baby Doll

Release Year: 2006

Baby Doll is a flash animated work where you makes love with a beautiful girl Sakuragi Sayaka. Enjoy the quality animation and voices.

Animation features:
- Affectionate caress with fingers slipping into her panties.
- Stir p**sy with fingers.
- Become moist with sweat as having sex.

You are going out with Sakuragi Sayaka, planning to have some fun with Sayaka during the forthcoming summer holidays. But Sayaka gives you the cold shoulder recently, turning down dates only saying "sorry, not today." One day, one of your friend asks you to go to the broadcast room in the school. A monitor in the room shows sex scenes of Sayaka and the captain of the drama club that she is affiliated.

Release : Aug/01/2006
Age Ratings :
Categories :
Doujin Software
File Format :
Executable File
OS Platforms :

Windows98 / WindowsMe / Windows2000 / WindowsXP / WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8 / Windows10

Language :
English Version
Option :
with Voice
with Music
with Anime
3D artwork
with Trial Version
Genre :
Anime Uniform

(Flash) Baby Doll (Flash) Baby Doll
(Flash) Baby Doll

File size: 161.8 MB

(Flash) Baby Doll

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