(Flash) Black Beach

(Flash) Black Beach

Release Year: 2007

Yamato Jin, the president of the Yamato Consortium, invites his girlfriend Natsukawa Erika to an unpopulated resort island that he was left in charge of by his man. He intends to spend some time alone with her in this artificial paradise. Erika doesn’t hesitate to accept his invitation. The island is supposed to be empty, except for the both of them… Features animated erotic scenes with the heroine Natsukawa Erika, accompanied by voice acting for your enjoyment.

Release : Aug/08/2007
Series : Days of Lust
Age Ratings :
Categories :
Doujin Software
File Format :
Executable File
OS Platforms :

Windows2000 / WindowsXP / WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8 / Windows10

Option :
with Voice
with Music
with Anime
3D artwork
with Trial Version
Genre :
Swimwear Cuckoldry Internal Cumshot Restraint Coercion Compulsion

(Flash) Black Beach (Flash) Black Beach
(Flash) Black Beach

File size: 137.7 MB

(Flash) Black Beach

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