(Game) Liner to 2 Denshaotoko – legends

(Game) Liner to 2 Denshaotoko – legends

Release Year: 2008

In previous work, Norio hero Ohno was capture in quick succession to target two of the legendary
It had been referred to as the best active mall star in the affiliation to pervert information network " Friends".
Ohno who was conceited to the voice of praise around but come jump is shocking news.
News of "Friends, devastating" is ….
Some of the newcomers members arrested in unreasonable groping, arrested after another after another.
Finally led to the "Friends" network administrator is arrested,
The history of was longer " Friends" was closed.
Ohno Fortunately, there was no also be involved in arrest commotion, not come true is also possible to obtain a more target previous work,
Was part of for many years, "Friends" is also Ohno to have been extinguished lose the passion to .

Also saying, "Do not soon or I also graduated from …?", Every morning, but Ohno who was inosine to by inertia,
One day, multiplied by a voice from behind.
"Still have a long way to Do ……"
Ohno be incensed to the words that were vomiting against his technique.
Looking back, I saw from behind of a man of mystery.
Man of mystery, a sound without any closer to the close of the woman, caress the body with a moment of opportunity, it was ascended the woman instantly.
Women fall to fainting in pleasure.
Casting skeptical gazes at a perimeter rustling, Ohno to catch a man of mystery to be to leave the place.
"You’re …… its technique! Hell who!"
man answer.
"Only of …… pervert man is ……"
Ohno was lost sight of a man of mystery is the way to the crowd.
The great mystery of the man of the fingering to the extent previous dazzling the eyelids floats.
Ohno to be eye-opening.
Ohno who witnessed the more pervert technique yourself, warned his own complacency, aiming to further heights.

And Ohno does not take the sink to former target prey -
Discover the "Kakei Miyoko" and "Natsumi Kuga".

Hunting of Ohno regained the passion, but now again begin.

Brand Guilty +
Genre Adventure
Original (character modeling) pneuma / strawberry jam
Scenario car +
Corresponding OS Windows 2000 / XP / Vista
CPU Pentium?-500MHz or more (Pentium?-800MHz or more recommended)
Memory 128MB (256MB or more recommended)
Under operating conditions 800 ? 600 dots or higher resolution
High color more visible environment

(Game) Liner to 2 Denshaotoko – legends (Game) Liner to 2 Denshaotoko – legends
(Game) Liner to 2 Denshaotoko – legends (Game) Liner to 2 Denshaotoko – legends

File size: 896.2 MB

(Game) Liner to 2 Denshaotoko – legends

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