(Game) School of the Jinroh Game

(Game) School of the Jinroh Game

Release Year: 2015

There was a white inorganic room and wake up.
Students of schools nationwide had been collected randomly selected there.
17 students who were trapped in the mystery of the room.
And is there is no announcement from nowhere.

Announcement "Good evening gatherings of everyone.
To everyone who gathered here will be asked to what is referred to as a human wolf game from tomorrow.
Tonight is to everyone, cards that his role was written is distributed.

The person who was elected to the village camp, please vote to choose the person you think that the wolf camp at noon time.
Most votes who will be executed.
Please select one of the villagers Auditor at night time the person who was chosen to people wolf auditors.
The person who was chosen also will be executed.

Girl "would not necessarily ride to talk about was this ridiculous!
What is a game sure that you abducted.
Please call the person responsible. Because I’ll protrudes to the police! "

Announcement "does not have a veto to you.
It has planted a micro bomb in you head.
And it will be denied equal execution. Please be careful.

But I forgot to say that if the execution subjects were men and women in two people will have sex before execution.
Please enjoy the last of the pleasure of the previous execution.

State of up to execution appropriate person is announced execution of the day at the stage of the morning will be the video aired.
Looking forward to your also surviving person who
So tonight Please rest your slowly "

Thus was the survival game that bet the boys and girls our life and begins …

Sales Date: Sep 26, 2015
Age specified:
Movies format:
Coterie game
Adventure game
file format :
Supported OS:

WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8 / Windows10

There is music
3D Movies
Student insult captivity forcibly

6.1 or more

(Game) School of the Jinroh Game (Game) School of the Jinroh Game
(Game) School of the Jinroh Game

File size: 809.5 MB

(Game) School of the Jinroh Game

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