HGame- Aug 26,2008 J-girl.fight2 (crimson)

HGame- Aug 26,2008 J-girl.fight2 (crimson)

Release Year: 2008

OS Platforms : [PC]Windows98 / WindowsMe / Windows2000 / WindowsXP / WindowsVista
Genre : Big Breasts Futanari/Dick girl

- Use make if you want strong women.
- The number of CG exceeds the last product; over 75 Basic CGs.
- There are 9 main characters.

- "Sephi**a" was captured by the enemy organization; being tortured while her friends listened to her via the communication equipment.

- "Akaya Moe**" was placed on the cross by the stray ghost. Her entire body was almost electrified by the water and the pleasure attacks simultaneously.

- "B*ack Magician Girl" was the receiving-end of attacks by the brain-washed teacher.

- After being exposed to the special liquid, making her body so sensitive, "Matsumoto **ngiku" became the prisoner of pleasure with many hours of breast attacks.

- "Shi**inYa**" with her enlarged clitoris, was repeatedly attacked by lesbian goddess of group.

- With the real power of "NikyuNikyu", pleasures came out of others entered into the body of "Na**". She was feeling the ultimate rapture.

- "Ra**", during the sex act, was also pleasured in her bottom, laying on a man’s knee, getting extremely hot.

- "M*m" was tricked and was teased.

- Vibrators were placed on her sensitive areas; her hands tied, "Rins*et" was on get on the stage.

Includes other sub-characters.

- Full-voice, Recall Mode, CG Browsing Mode included

HGame- Aug 26,2008 J-girl.fight2 (crimson) HGame- Aug 26,2008 J-girl.fight2 (crimson)

File size: 165.0 MB

HGame- Aug 26,2008 J-girl.fight2 (crimson)

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