(Game) LoveQuality Mizugi Pack-1

(Game) LoveQuality Mizugi Pack-1

Release Year: 2016

Love quality Mizushi Pack 1 is the first of a movie collection of Mi-chan Lovely swimsuit movies.

Contents of Mizushi Pack 1, in addition to unlocking the three swimsuit scenes,
It is a beautiful movie collection of about 30 minutes which added 1 scene + ? to shoot.

Recorded swimsuit
1: Skate T swimwear
2: Swim skirt only
3: White Mizugi
4: Moonlight swimwear
5: Mini Movie "Cycling Moment No.1"

It is a dish that colors the collection of Love Quality Gallery mode.
Please come and enjoy our innocence.

Please install the bundled love quality starter ver1.31 file first.
This work does not work properly without a love quality starter pack (main body).

Series name: LoveQuality
Age designation:
18 ban
Work format:
/ Additional pack
Supported Operating System:

Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8

With animation
With review
Clothes swimwear black hair big tits / tits busty whiff

Core 2 Duo or more / Core i 7 series or more
1 GB or more / 4 GB or more
Required Resolution
Display recommendations of 1200 * 800 or more

(Game) LoveQuality Mizugi Pack-1 (Game) LoveQuality Mizugi Pack-1
(Game) LoveQuality Mizugi Pack-1 (Game) LoveQuality Mizugi Pack-1

File size: 1.9 GB

(Game) LoveQuality Mizugi Pack-1

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