Bijou Classics – Welcome Home Daddy (1993)

Bijou Classics – Welcome Home Daddy (1993)

Release Year: 1993
Genres: vintage, classic, bareback, cross generation, big dick, oral, anal

This Bijou video compilation collects four scenes featuring older, beefy, mustachioed men wrangling and tangling with young bucks. The "daddies" dominate the proceedings with their size, strength, and need to penetrate. Whether paying the paperboy in cock or offering failing students a surefire way to pass class, these scorchin’ slices of masculinity give their all. The scenes are all from the 70’s and early 80’s so they are pre-condom and shot on film. The quality (and sometimes the music) isn’t exactly wonderful, but the sex is.

The first scene begins with some footage of a stereotypical teen delivering newspapers. He goes to the home of one of his customers to get paid. The customer is a sandy-haired, mustachioed businessman with a penetrating gaze. He takes out his checkbook; within a few seconds his hand stops writing and he squeezes the Paper Boy’s hand. The music kicks in full (the flute is kickin’!) and Paper Boy drops his tight jeans to reveal a smooth, but slightly jiggly, rump. Daddy drops to his knees and swallows the boy’s impressive piece. Paperboy bends over the dining room table so Business Daddy can tongue his hairless hole and jack his big beef. Daddy fucks Paperboy, in three positions, while kneading and slapping his ass. While Paperboy is riding Daddy, he jerks off to orgasm; this doesn’t stop Daddy, though-he keeps on bangin’ away ’til he’s good and ready to shoot his shot. He does, but not until Paper Boy licks his balls and hole.

The second segment is somewhat dark, not cinematographically, but in mood and tone. A swarthy middle-aged man in a maroon shirt and tie leads a lanky brunette into an office of sorts. Once there, the repetitive electronic music swells, adding an odd tension, and the clothes come off. The shots of their various sexual activities are very tight, almost abstract; it’s a teeny bit scary and a lot exciting. The older gentleman has got one hell of a hog between his legs–huge and inviting. The young man, like the teen in the first scene, also gets plowed on a desk. This time it’s even more dramatic, with the older guy scrunching up his face and lifting the boy into the air.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:06:55
Video: 720×480, AVC (H.264), 2918kbps
Audio: 119kbps

Bijou Classics – Welcome Home Daddy (1993) Bijou Classics – Welcome Home Daddy (1993)
Bijou Classics – Welcome Home Daddy (1993) Bijou Classics – Welcome Home Daddy (1993)

Bijou Classics – Welcome Home Daddy (1993)
File size: 1.5 GB

Bijou Classics – Welcome Home Daddy (1993)

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