(Flash) Kokiani

(Flash) Kokiani

Release Year: 2010

It’s a Niiso! This foot fetish geek!
Well, my footjob, feeling good, is not it? "
A lot of crowds, it got yellowed out …
Also … … I will gently peel off the odds skin

After years and a half of research and experimentation, our first circle of After Effects animation work has finally been completed !!
Foot fetish author who truly love foot, the commitment "Foot Koki Motion!
Nursingly ~ Moving! Growing! Realistic whole body "Uncut skin peeling!

Eye line control ", always being watched by girls Handjob and footjob
Barefoot creampie cumshots! As well as breasts and buttocks, thighs of mugwort
Even until the calves all sway in plump!

Unique Fetish in "Uniforms and costumes wearing" unique to "Circle of clothing system"
"Clothing erotic play!

"Voice actors of animation voice of tsundere voiceless" that seems to ejaculate just by listening,
"A weak but metamorphosed phimosis anime otaku" is fiercely attacking words with a cute little word!
Shrishli · Jupujupo "obscene sound effect"!

Basic animation 8 types ? Loop animation 12 cuts in each, over 100 cuts total!
The total number of voices is a volume full mark of 10,000 characters! It is also possible to seek the playback position of the voice
It realized a comfortable use environment.

Series name Foot Koi Anime
Age designation
18 Prohibition
Work form
Doujin Software Movie Work
file format
With Voice Music with Music Animewith Trial Version with Review
Lingerie Animation Handjob Foot Foot Job Reverse Phimosis

Intel Pentium 4 2 GHz / or Core 2 Duo or higher
512 MB or more (300 MB free capacity for soft start)
500 MB or more free space for decompression
800 x 600
Video memory 64 MB or more

(Flash) Kokiani (Flash) Kokiani
(Flash) Kokiani

File size: 407.7 MB

(Flash) Kokiani

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