(Flash) Poor Sakura Fight Part 2

(Flash) Poor Sakura Fight Part 2

Release Year: 2013

Meat slave of monsters

This work is a realistic 3D adult games.
By operating the 3 monsters, girl of spirit please committing until the collapse.
And Chaimashou her to slavery.
In the previous article, Sakura is caught in caveman, it has been gang-.
In this work you will play as Desunaito.
In there are character in the face, please try to enslave spree committed a cherry.
Method of operation is very similar to the fighting game.
However, fighting game is also no problem if there is no good at.
Since the players are very strong than Sakura, degree of difficulty is low.
This game is not a "battle", "" So!

Hte 3D system work.
When the try but there are things that come with a jerk!
Spree humiliation in shiny monsters!

Age specified:
Movies format:
Coterie software
Video Movies
file format :
Movie (Windows Media Video File)

Supported OS:

WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8 / Windows8.1

Browser viewing

Yes voice
There is music
3D Movies
Yes Reviews
Simulator, Animation, 3DCG, Flash, Group, Gangbang, Monsters

(Flash) Poor Sakura Fight Part 2 (Flash) Poor Sakura Fight Part 2

File size: 258.5 MB

(Flash) Poor Sakura Fight Part 2

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