(Game) Orange Rice

(Game) Orange Rice

Release Year: 2012

One day in the parents went out to travel,
Seen my friend had seen the things do not

This is another, only commit Nai’!

Before 3D the character of the circle last work, "Asuka’s serious angel!"!
Big tits student of the friend of super-cocky Ishiyumikyu S is thoroughly insult to 3D interactive game.

in the demon realistic milk shake meat shaking!
Is amazing Nikkan to anime-ish in its own new technique PM synchro and Terra Thun!
Enjoy a large amount of semen flooded with cum!

in the game!
Michibike to climax by stimulating the pot friend!
Poor people are angry.

on a large screen of 800×600!
Adopt the animation on the big screen! Full screen switching one-touch!

in the large capacity!
Total movie number more than 50, the number of cut is more than 60 large-volume!
Playback time There are also plenty of 30 minutes or more.

There is also a back command, which allows the user to easily clear!
Please refer to the bottom of the manual text.

HDD free space is required of at least 9GB in at the time of installation.

CV: SayakaTakashi Ryo
BGM: Pierrot Lunaire
Production: Orange Rice

Series: Asuka’s serious angel! !
Age specified:
Movies format:
Coterie software
Video Movies
/ 3D interactive game
file format :
Supported OS:

Windows2000 / WindowsXP / WindowsVista / Windows7

Yes voice
There is music
3D Movies
Yes Reviews
Pies juice / liquid mass Lori friend

More 2Ghlz
4GB or more
9GB or more of free space

(Game) Orange Rice (Game) Orange Rice
(Game) Orange Rice

File size: 4.1 GB

(Game) Orange Rice

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