(Game) Sexaloid girlfriend

(Game) Sexaloid girlfriend

Release Year: 2017

The third piece of real-time 3D work presented by Inakizu
Subjective sex simulation game
Sexaloid girlfriend
That is……
It was a miserable afternoon … …
While suddenly encountering confusion
We drowned … …
Comfortable operation feeling of full-length mouse only
Equipped with undressing system
Voice interlocking by automatic lip sync
Seamless posture change
Shaking of hair, chest, buttocks, thighs by physical calculation
Random blended motion
Insertion position 36 types ? difference 3 patterns
As you like in Bukkake system where you like
Petit customization system, underwear color change and glasses addition possible

Preliminary notice start date November 30, 2017
Age designation
18 Prohibition
Work format
Doujin Game Other / Game / Subjective Type Sex Simulation Game
file format
With sound With music There is a video 3D work
Healing Glasses Heartwarming Blowjob Normal Play Black hair

Intel Core i5 or later recommended
8 GB or more is recommended
10 GB or more is recommended
NVIDIA GTX 970 or AMD R 9 290 or more
DirectX 11 or later

(Game) Sexaloid girlfriend (Game) Sexaloid girlfriend
(Game) Sexaloid girlfriend

File size: 257.0 MB

(Game) Sexaloid girlfriend

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