(Game) The Battle of Iojima

(Game) The Battle of Iojima

Release Year: 2016

The Nth World War.
A Far East nation, driven to crisis by the enemy,
convenes in Congress to approve a draft.
Every able-bodied citizen is enlisted by default.
Age and gender are irrelevant.

The war has touched every acre of the nation,
even here on the remote rock of Iojima.
The last supply was four days ago.
Soldiers on the front line drew their last breath
some time ago; all that remains is a
female logistical support team.

This is an alternate history visual novel about events on a fictional island.

110 CGs + 42 movies (each about 1 second, looping)
Included: viewing software that comes with BGM+effects+text
Images and video are JPEG/AVI, you may also view them with your preferred players
1280×960 resolution

Age Ratings
Doujin GameAdventure
File Format
Executable File
with Musicwith Anime3D artworkGrotesque
Girl War Violation Pervert Slender sap

(Game) The Battle of Iojima (Game) The Battle of Iojima
(Game) The Battle of Iojima

File size: 252.3 MB

(Game) The Battle of Iojima

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