Ikarus Entertainment – Prisoners of Sex (2006)

Ikarus Entertainment – Prisoners of Sex (2006)

Release Year: 2006
Cast: Adam Gosett, Bruno Karrer, Daniel Paxton, Didier LeNorman, Giorgio, Lorenzo, Manesco, Nico Blade, Roberto, Sergio Soldi, Shawn
Genres: anal, condon, oral, hunks, muscle, grous sex

1. What happens when a hunky bad guy gets caught but two horny policemen He will be fucked! When Giorgio tries to run away from the cops, he falls down and is immediately captured by Officer Sergio and Officer Bruno. Then, Giorgio is put into the patrol car and they drive away. However, those horny cops apparently have their own idea about punishing bad guys. They take Giorgio to an abandoned area and plan to fuck his ass. After taking off their clothes, those three horny men begin to grope and kiss one another. Lewdly, their exposed dicks harden and throbbed violently. Giorgio obviously doesn’t mind being sexually taken advantage of by those horny gay cops. Getting on all fours on an old unused mattress, Giorgio gladly sucks the Officer Sergio’s dick as he lets Officer Bruno play with his ass. Giorgio also shows no hesitation when his ass is being fucked by those macho gay policemen. This gay sex video is very hot for those who love watching men in uniform. Don’t miss it!

2. Three male prisoners are passing their time, naked, in the cell. Roberto is massaging Adam Gossett’s shoulders while Nico Blade watches them. Being naked, it is hard not to get an erection. Adam turns his body around and immediately mouths Roberto’s big cock. Nico just sits there for a few minutes, stroking his gay dick. Not being able to restrain his lust, the gay stud stands up and joins the fun. Satisfying his own gay lust, Adam gladly gives dick sucking to both horny gay jocks. Although those horny gay studs love gay dick sucking, they want more because sex is not complete without anal action. Adam willingly surrenders his ass. Both men, Roberto and Nico, take turns, fucking Adam. Various threeway positions are performed, from standing to lying on the bed. Adam’s asshole twitches as big cocks stretch it wide. In the end, all of them cum in a shattering climax.

3. Probably, almost everyone has experienced sex in the shower. But have you ever done with a hunky gay latino guy like Manesco It starts with Manesco taking a shower. A horny gay guy, Shawn, then steps in. Shawn is Manesco gay room mate and has fantasized about having sex with a gay guy like Manesco. Apparently, Manesco doesn’t mind and is willing to help Shawn materialize his dirtiest fantasy. Thus, these two horny gay guys then kiss and grope each other’s naked bodies until both are horny enough to get to the next level, which is dick sucking. Shawn is apparently eager to suck his hunky roommate’s cock. Manesco can only moans with much pleasure as he gets a blowjob from his horny gay buddy. But dick sucking is not enough to satisfy his lust for another man. Manesco soon asks Shawn to give up his ass. More than gladly, Shawn spread his ass cheeks and prepares himself to receive the big Latino cock inside him. The fuck scene is very horny, worth watching till the end.

4. Giorgio is now being jailed in a cell along with other crooks. It happens that Giorgio is called by Lorenzo, the man who takes charge of the prison facility. Police officer Bruno Karrer brings Giorgio to face Lorenzo. Giorgio has no idea that Lorenzo is a gay man. Upon seeing Giorgio’s handsome face and his muscular body, Lorenzo orders him to strip. Giorgio certainly must obey him, unless he wants to get beaten. The cop then takes off his own clothes as he gets horny again. To demonstrate his authority, he asks the cop to have sex with the prisoner. Giorgio doesn’t seem to mind after he discovered the joy of man-to-man sex. He takes the cop’s dick and sucks it with much enthusiasm. When the cop is ready for his ass, Giorgio sits on the cop’s dick. Thus, the anal sex takes place. At times, both the cop and the prisoner have to suck Lorenzo’s nightstick. If you have watched the previous episode, don’t miss watching this continuation.

5. Shawn is an inmate who has been jailed for some time. One day, it’s the time to get inspected by the prison doctor. A cop, Sergio Soldi, comes and takes Shawn to the infirmary. Shawn is ordered to strip by the doctor and he did it gladly. The doctor, Daniel Paxton, carefully examined Shawn’s naked body, including his genitalia. Watching it from a far, the cop is turned on by the medical examination. The doctor is also turned on and finds it hard to resist the sexual tempation. Minutes later, the three of them are naked with throbbing hard-ons. Shawn is a good bottom; the life in prison has taught him well. Both the doctor and the cop get their turn to fuck Shawn’s ass. When the doctor’s turn comes, he lies naked on the floor and Shawn bounces up and down his erection. At the same time, Shawn has to suck Sergio’s dick. The threesome scene is fantastic. Shawn really loves the sex and he can’t hide it.
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6. Essentially a continuation of Scene 2 but with an added player. Oral and jackoff only, with plenty of spunk landing on Giorgio. The guards come at the end and let Giorgio go free.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:44:44
Video: 960×720, AVC (H.264), 1962kbps
Audio: 124kbps

Ikarus Entertainment – Prisoners of Sex (2006) Ikarus Entertainment – Prisoners of Sex (2006)
Ikarus Entertainment – Prisoners of Sex (2006) Ikarus Entertainment – Prisoners of Sex (2006)

Ikarus Entertainment – Prisoners of Sex (2006)
File size: 1.6 GB

Ikarus Entertainment – Prisoners of Sex (2006)

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