The Good Sub – Electra Rayne – HD 720p

The Good Sub – Electra Rayne – HD 720p

“The good sub does more than just obey commands and expect orgasms. The good sub delights in her master using her body, whether to give her pleasure or pain. The good sub is a pet, certainly, to be cared for, but a toy, also, to be played with. Electra Rayne is a good sub.

Other subs may have little collars of leather or lace, adorned with little ornaments befitting their station in life. Electra’s is made of cold, iron pipes, heavy as a yoke, and she wears it proudly for O.T., to show her dedication to serving him.

Other subs also get the privilege of being fucked, but that isn’t in the cards for Electra, at least not today. Instead she is going to perform for him, in all of the ways that she has been trained. When she is bent over, her ass in the air, being by Mr. Pogo, she doesn’t complain or struggle. Instead she just takes it, accepting her fate as a single tear rolls down her face. She gave up her will and her agency a long time ago. Every good sub does.”

With a mouth-gag and a collar around her neck, the good sub has to crawl by her master and be brought around the room on a leash, then she is fixed by her collar to a sort of pipe like a pooch gets bound to tree. While she is wiggling, her clothes are cut off and her wrists are cuffed behind her back, therefore she has her tits flogged for some time until her pants are ripped off too, leaving her totally naked. Now the good sub is bended over, her wrists are connected to her ankles by chains as well as her collar, she turns around and gets whipped on her butt, thighs and cunt from behind, then she is repeatedly penetrated with a dick-on-a-stick while the hitachi painfully stimulates her clit, the sub loudly moans and cries but doesn’t complain.
The good sub is now laying on the floor fixed to it by her collar again, she wiggles in vain, then she is given a bowl of food and she has to eat it like a pooch on all fours. We can enjoy some close-ups of Electra’s generous butt, her tiny and tender butthole and her perfectly razed, small pink pussy. The master then orders her to better spread her legs, so he can easily flog her pussy with a large belt, then he fondles it for a while and flogs it again. After that the sub is caned for good and such a procedure seems to make her suffer a lot. Finally the master uses the dick-on-a-stick to fuck again her pussy but stronger than before, the sub moans in pain and pleasure at the same time.
The sub is now laying on her back, her head is completely covered by a black leather mask, her legs are bended and spread eagle, again the ankles are connected to the wrists and collar by chains. Her cunt is so vulnerable and we get some close-ups of it and of her small and soft feet. The master is in and with a hand in black glove he tenderly fingers her pussy with three fingers, at the same time fondling the tits and squeezing a bit the nipples with the other hand. Then he teases the asshole and so penetrates it with his index, while he rubs the clit with his inch. Therefore the sub’s pussy gets penetrated with a curved black dildo while an eroscillator works on her clit, the fucking gets harder and harder so the sub starts lamenting as the dildo goes inside out her pussy steadily and quickly, lots of pussy juices pour down. Finally the sub’s asshole gets strongly fucked by two fingers, with the eroscillator applied on the clit again, then the master seems to inspect her rectum deeply inserting and rotating his index finger inside it, an operation that the good sub definitely enjoys. The scene ends with the sub tightening her vaginal and ass muscles, making the last juices freely flow out.

Format: mp4
Duration: 49:11
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 7344kbps
Audio: 109kbps

The Good Sub – Electra Rayne – HD 720p The Good Sub – Electra Rayne – HD 720p
The Good Sub – Electra Rayne – HD 720p The Good Sub – Electra Rayne – HD 720p

The Good Sub – Electra Rayne – HD 720p
File size: 2.6 GB

The Good Sub – Electra Rayne – HD 720p

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